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GEMINI May 2019 | HUGE VICTORY!! | SUCCESS | Angels | Omen & LOVE - Gemini Horoscope Tarot

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Horoscope, tarot reading for Gemini, May 2019 by psychic, medium Sasha Bonasin. Career, health, relationships, love & finances. Life coaching & spiritual guidance. "THANK YOU for letting me be a part of your journey! I LOVE YOU! ~ Sasha XXX" This horoscope readings are for the Astrological sign Gemini, Gemini Ascendant & Gemini Moon. CRYSTALS FEATURED IN THIS VIDEO: GREEN AVENTURINE Healing Pendant: https://www.psychicmediumlondon.co.uk... BLACK TOURMALINE ROCK: https://www.psychicmediumlondon.co.uk/product-page/natural-black-tourmaline
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Text Comments (257)
2tzus (1 hour ago)
Hi Sasha, thanks for all you do, I really enjoy your channel :)  I'm Gemini sun and Leo moon AND rising... does that make Leo stronger for me or stronger than Gemini?
creationsfromrubbish (1 hour ago)
its the 24th NOTHING
Jeada Bella (14 hours ago)
And, today is May 22,2019 💕💕💕💕 Gemini ♊️ sssss Let’s mark the time!!!! Good luck 😉
It’s Fabe (14 hours ago)
Wishing all my gemini siblings infinite abundance, hope all your wishes come true. ♊👌💯 #may26
Megan Gerwig (15 hours ago)
Here I am on the 22nd and I thought of this video. Lemme say it wasn't rainbows today but I think it was a huge release. Its was um painful. Please tmrw be the calm after the storm. Today was mars in cancer trine Uranus in Taurus so I believe this had something to do with this release. Uranus being in our 12th and mars in 2nd. 😪😪🙏
Megan Gerwig (6 hours ago)
+Precious Diamond Goddess oh wow. Sorry to hear! Hang in there I also found out that Mars square chrion 22nd, 23rd and 23th yikes 😥
Precious Diamond Goddess (11 hours ago)
Megan Gerwig It was a huge release I had to let go as well. Found out my “best friend” we call each other sisters did black magic on me. Very painful.
Jennifer wilson (18 hours ago)
June 1st birthday. Saw two butterflies this month. It is time for transformation.
Belle Ame (23 hours ago)
Thank you for the positive message! And good news! Believe and receive , love to all Gems 💎
carri Ho (1 day ago)
Words of encouragement
PIECE KEEPER (1 day ago)
Well, it's the 22nd today and I'm open to all possibilities. Let's see what happens.
C Charles (1 day ago)
Happy birthday to me and you!!! 🎂🎉🍻
Suzie Zayed (1 day ago)
Tomorrow is 22 can’t wait 😊
Savina Nelson (2 days ago)
It’s 5/22/19 Good morning from Oregon.... 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
ruby jean ruby jean (2 days ago)
Thank You .... I hope your right !
Sarah sofia (2 days ago)
June 7th will be my day
SMN Vo (2 days ago)
I wish good things will happen to me. For the past 40 years, I gave, gave...but did not receive anything! I just wish to have a good male friend: kind, compatible, compassionate...for a companionship.
The Ohana Life (2 days ago)
I stumbled upon your channel by accident . It's may 20th today and I have goosebumps . I am so so ready mentally to walk into this new phase. Yearning for joy after such a long hard climb for years and years , forever. My birthday is May 25th . I feel inside like a better time is here , your video just confirmed it . Thank you & blessings ✨💜
The Ohana Life (2 days ago)
And the 23rd of June made me cry . That is my late fathers birthday. I miss him so much . I feel like you spoke directly to me on this all . Thank you !
rose Fleron (3 days ago)
Wonderfull you Thank you it has been very dark and haevy since last summer. My my hope you are right. Blessings and Love to you.
Minette Liong (3 days ago)
June 5 here my bday....
Fani May (3 days ago)
22nd of May!!! I can't wait. Amen🙌Thank you for your reading 😊Good evening from Greece!
Brijesh Patel (3 days ago)
This video is amazing. ...i am gemini and before 3 hours something stuck in my mind when i was in temple i feel at some different dimension at present. You mentioned 21st may but i feel it is already started two days early
Allison Bennett (4 days ago)
You are so right, had lunch with a new freind who told me two new jobs i should be doing and even how to get there! I loocked at her like: give me a minute to adjust! When she was talking i finished her phrases...i tell u geminis when stuff like this happends, u only have one shot!🚀🚀✈️🌋🏄🌈
Maureen Komorowski (4 days ago)
I can’t wait for my world to change May 27 Happy Birthday to Me ,
Rebecca Logan (6 days ago)
Omg thank you so much
Raj Billa (6 days ago)
Been waiting for this change! June 7 💓
Andria Lackey (7 days ago)
I am going through a complete life upheaval and time of change and the 26th is my bday. Thank you
Madara Mejoule (7 days ago)
Thank you! On May 22nd I have a mediation appointment to finalize my separation documents from my ex husband...this all resonates, i'm excited!!!
J K (7 days ago)
Hahaha you’re amazing I love you thank you so much!!!! Gemini power
1010Morada (7 days ago)
I quit my last job, just walked out. It was very stagnant, so I am soooo ready for this next phase. Thank you 🙏🏼
Kellie Smalls (7 days ago)
My first time listening and wow i love your energy and yess everythjng true so far 5-7th i was in the mountains of CO my first time thereand it was amazing also today 5/15 very positive ...❤❤❤♊💯
Goddess Awaken (7 days ago)
Its about damn time! June 1st Gemini Baby!
Annalou Agbada (7 days ago)
Thank you my bday is june 3 .....
Princess (8 days ago)
❤️❤️❤️🇬🇧🇮🇷thank you Sash lot of love from Persian British cheeky
Mr.Bandclap (8 days ago)
Yoooo!! My B-Day is on the 22nd!! OMG!!!😱😱😱👏👏👏😎😎
TheChillZone x (8 days ago)
I love your energy! Just came across you this was a beautiful reading...I subbed ...stay beautiful..love & light lovely...🖤
Osman Gonzalez (8 days ago)
Great reading Sasha thanks for the good vibes - June 7th ♊️
WizKid (8 days ago)
Love the energy it really resonates, i feel the change coming. Thank you for this message. ♊️💎✨🦋
Tanya Bannigan (8 days ago)
Needed to hear this June 14 Gemini ❤️
Tammy Balint (8 days ago)
Thank you, I took notes, checking out calender, thinking about my own improvements I need to make or adjust. Today is the 14th already... I only have a week but I know I can do it. The 24th Im leaving for the Mts for the next few months, just stopping back home once in a while. So, I shall see what happens...can't wait been lazy and catching up on my rest. Going to be taking care of her & vacationing with my bff of 50 yrs. No, kids or her husband just us hanging by the pool. Yay! We both needed this... Thank you for this reading, I will take your advice. It's deeply appricated., Bless you.
Rishi Dewan (8 days ago)
Hey Sasha, Great reading...!!! I'm a Gemini man...! My birthday is 1st of June....!!! Great positivity....I love it....!!
Rishi Dewan (7 days ago)
+Barbara Zeglinski thank you my dear
Barbara Zeglinski (7 days ago)
Rishi Dewan happy early birthday
Kia Hamm (8 days ago)
Mine, too! 🎂🎉🎊
Francesca Rose (9 days ago)
I just adore you Sasha! You’ve NEVER been wrong with this Gemini! ,Hugs💕
Maday Wolf (9 days ago)
Ayyy may 22nd birthday 🤩
Eugene Nortje (9 days ago)
Please send me your website and email details!!!
Eugene Nortje (9 days ago)
Vavavavooom you are stunning! Blessings to you! By far the best psychic / astrologer on youtube! Your a tonic! Thanks for that! ❤️🌹
hema Shishodia (10 days ago)
Thank you so much for this positive reading.. June 7 Gemini ♊️ 👑
Barbara Zeglinski (7 days ago)
hema Shishodia happy birthday 🎂
Vanessa Molina (10 days ago)
I actually quit smoking 2 weeks ago and I’m drinking to much coffee ☕️ but I need it 😭
Vanessa Molina (10 days ago)
Omg my friends birthday is on the 15 and it’s a female 😭❤️ I was just thinking of her
It is about time!
Melissa Garza (11 days ago)
I’m May 21. I claim epic Romantic love and right divine career on my way.
Pauline Baxter (11 days ago)
Hello gifted man this sounds wonderful I cannot wait for my time to come. God bless you. Thank
Akasha Nicole (12 days ago)
I'm a 33, born on May 22nd. Your video is 33:22. I love synchronicity!😍🤗
Latina101 Chapman (12 days ago)
Omg U ARE AMAZING AMAZING , am a Gemini’s and I have been manifesting my dreams are all coming true ... this power is no joke Omg the person is my mother, we are currently not talking, she is a strong cancer and I just can’t with her judgmental ass, I will pray for my peace lol
Nancy Nancy (12 days ago)
Question @ 15:45 you say..... the second important date...(sounds like you say) the "devil" is going to say to you...... Can you or anyone clarify that the word devil was or wasn't used?
Zoe Alta (13 days ago)
Wow I loved your fast energy. As a gemini I like people that express themselves clearly. I will keep the 22 of May date in my calender.💗
houda smythe (13 days ago)
The 5 and 6th was just craying all the time then i decided to buy a cristal tree, i didnt even watch your video till today i am just very surprised , i both the green aventurine too all before i watched you ....
houda smythe (13 days ago)
Oh my god it feels like you talking about me on each single point i'm gob smacked
houda smythe (13 days ago)
Wow i love you passion , thank you you so loveable 🙏❤❤
Saber J Lyte (13 days ago)
I'm watching this again on the 10th May and you're right! On the 5th and 6th I became quite deeply emotional. A friend of mine, an Astrologer and Channel gave me a reading on the 7th and OMG😱 she told me something freaky about a past incarnation I had. It was positively life changing and I have a whole new perspective of myself 💕
Gwendoline's Path (13 days ago)
Thank you so much I've been to focused on me and enjoying freedom and my reawakening began in late January of this year. ..very intense. ..lots of downloads
Liliosa G (13 days ago)
June 6 is my birthday
Atik Tika (14 days ago)
Thanks I'm Gemini June 10😊
Atik Tika (10 days ago)
+Kelisha Patrick apa kah hr lahir anda juga Sama Selasa Kliwon ?😊😊😊
Atik Tika (10 days ago)
+Kelisha Patrick 👍😊😊
Kelisha Patrick (10 days ago)
Me too
Miss Análaigh's Luv's (14 days ago)
Yeah my diet is off the chart unhealthy. I keep buying healthy food and ends up in the bin cause I don't eat it.
Frankie Aranda (14 days ago)
I'm a June 8th Gemini. Thank you for this wonderful reading! I love your energy !
Frankie Aranda (10 days ago)
+kathleen woollam And a very happy birthday to you as well 😀
kathleen woollam (11 days ago)
I'm June 8th too, happy birthday for that day to you
Glenda Roberts (14 days ago)
Sasha Am ready for a change and better days......this past few months has been hard, painful and has zapped my energy and strength. I am clear headed but am ready to see things turn around. Blessings to you
Erhanno Surallione (14 days ago)
Bless all of you its already amazing, fantastic, gorgeous, beautifill because i know i am that and you are that highest bliss to all never ever ever stop believing IN the power from within loveyouall😘
Nambela Nambaya (14 days ago)
5th of may,I got arrested...on police bond now and things aren't going to well.
Sudha chander (14 days ago)
Oh no ! I had a very bad day too! This reading is so much hopeful.......I need a break....all around me seem to be happy.....I am looking at them thinking when is it going to be me?
Merle Charge (15 days ago)
Thank you... I am waiting, have been waiting for this man for months, as he is busy with business. I have told him if we do not meet by the end of the 22 of May that's it.. he has begged me to give him Chance and please wait... .
Savina Nelson (15 days ago)
# Single Gemi I’m focused on my business and yes I thank you for the positive message...🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼💜💜💜
Miss Análaigh's Luv's (14 days ago)
Same here. Single Gem focusing on my business. It's our time.
Jason Leon (15 days ago)
Holy eff !!! I am a Gemini., and I love this dudes energy. Thank you. I feel better already
Rose Hume (15 days ago)
My Birthday is May 23
Job Wali Baji (16 days ago)
28may born, like please
Fani May (3 days ago)
28 is my birthday too!!!
Cha Nel (16 days ago)
🌞 - thank U - especially that spirulina tip - I had been lacking/missing that lately, used to be a regular part of diet and made me feel great - also, I just watched this but INDEED I had awaken with two great writing ideas past two days (filled in two major gaps in a project - so so so accurate). That said, I look forward to what I wake up to again...haha So incredible - Thank U once more!
CV (16 days ago)
I saw that you have 111k subscribers oh my gosh. I knew it was a sign I need to hear your reading! I love how much details you give us and actual dates to look out for! Thank you for your wonderful reading!!! I will look forward to your next one!!!! #teamgemini 🤗💜💜💜🌼🌻🌼🌻🌼 Happy Birthday to us!!
MiSo Scraben (16 days ago)
I'm a June 18th Gemini. I need good, great & best times. I've had a series of bad times for eleven & one-half (11 & 1/2) years; truthfully, even longer than that. So, if this is the turn around, then I'll be tremendously thankful. God, I give you thanks even prior to it all occurring. Thank you for your message, Sasha. Appreciated.
RtnSandra Kharnaior (56 minutes ago)
Hi, am 18 June like you, going through bad times, the higher energy looking after me
The Ohana Life (2 days ago)
Same 💜 blessings ✨
anthony albert.c (14 days ago)
Same here
M M (16 days ago)
jami0070 (16 days ago)
Sasha. Why are you so Cute, "maaaii goodness". I love how you said "my sweetnesses" ❤️❤️❤️
jami0070 (16 days ago)
If I had accepted this Aquarius guy hitting on me last month it would have been 1 black Tarmaline in my life
jami0070 (16 days ago)
sasha you look more like a hair stylist today.
jami0070 (16 days ago)
first thing in the morning is a wood morning. sign of spirits rising ?
jami0070 (16 days ago)
The only reader that raps out a reading
i believe this.. it is already happening to me now.! love ur reading sasha! thank u and am truly grateful
Janet Osadczuk (17 days ago)
Awesome!!! Love the reading 🙆‍♀️💖🙆‍♀️
90rav (17 days ago)
Who's sharing same birthday as me :26th May?
Mary Lynch (18 days ago)
Sasha Thank you so much
Mary Lynch (18 days ago)
My birthday 23rd May Omg you are so right Thank you so much
Swayamsiddha Rout (18 days ago)
Thank you so much for the positive message..
Rhiannon Morgan (18 days ago)
Gemini - I just launched an art and yoga and music channel here on YouTube called Muktiji. I'm totally a long time subscriber and just wanted thank you. Your readings have really supported this process. Thank you.
Susan Eltanal (19 days ago)
Hopefully , success will be with us coz 24th is my birthday. In Jesus name. Amen.
Aldish Marhsial (16 days ago)
Me too
Amber La Rubia (19 days ago)
I just found your channel. I love this reading and your personality is awesome. Gemini here
rita lanawan (19 days ago)
You're very right Sasha, I have very powerful and strong mind.
rita lanawan (19 days ago)
22nd will be my birthday! Thank you for the accurate reading of mine.
Cooper McKenzie (18 days ago)
Happy Birthday for the 22nd !
Sharada Kolluri (20 days ago)
My birthday is on the 26th May. Can't wait to see all these changes.
90rav (17 days ago)
So is mine! 😁
Elizabeth Tackett (20 days ago)
Thank YOU I'm Gemini I'm ready I'm excited I'm so happy and many blessings to you as well 🌷💖
Elizabeth Tackett (7 days ago)
My birthday is June 3 wow thank you I'm ready thank you so much🌷💞
Rebecca Leif (20 days ago)
May 23rd Birthday here!
Jackie White (20 days ago)
My birthday too, 22nd May.....oh goodie
Chantelle Perreault (20 days ago)
Love this. May 21st. Birthday. Great reading. Thank you.
S sisters Xoxo (21 days ago)
Guess what my sister ran away today...
vincenzo panella (21 days ago)
Every month is the most important month of the year, and every year is the most importnat year of your life!
Annette Heagler (21 days ago)
The 22nd is my birthday!
lisa levesque (21 days ago)
Just on time for my bday on 5/23 I have an idea for a kitchen appliance, need to get a patent for!!!! I think that's my big break! My calling!
assassin's obsession (21 days ago)
My birthday!!! Yesss!! ❤️
Est Riv (21 days ago)
May 22nd B-Day!
Melbnolan (21 days ago)
22 May is my bday......hmmmmm

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