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Text Comments (104)
Berta Andrade (10 days ago)
Pooja Pooja (11 days ago)
I love you the way you read💖
Millicent Evans (11 days ago)
I let it go because it just is not for me..GOD is my everything. People hurt you disappoint you so its best to stay clear. And love yourself first and just take care of your own wellbeing 😊
Martha McCafferty (12 days ago)
Ok, ok, lols, tears earlier and later. 35 yrs together, 33 yrs married and he jumped in a truck yrs ago, he visits 6 times a year. I see psychiatrist for yrs. Move date June 10th, 2 days before my birthday, which have been lousy for yrs. Your awesome, I love and appreciate you very much. Picturing money coming in. Working on abundance. Keep being awesome.
Kristina Karalyte (12 days ago)
very good reading
Phalguni Bose (12 days ago)
I don't know if all this resonates.. I am a Taurus sun and moon connecting with a Gemini sun and we talk when free and yes we haven't met yet but we hv not had any hard feelings.. Also though I hv delayed things.. He still initiates the talk daily after I hv told him.. And I don't know but I don't think the reading resonated!
Darcie Scauso (12 days ago)
Wow bougieee - but how did you know it took 3,000 videos ‘!!!!!
Wanita Tankard (12 days ago)
lisa levesque (12 days ago)
Great reading and what a nice gift at the end. Looks interesting.
JelizaRose H (12 days ago)
Always on point 💕💗💕
Stormy Rain (13 days ago)
I"ve am going. This Gem is happy with me. I love myself to much to put myself in a negative place. I am moving on Thank you Heavenly Father. No confusion here.
Linda Lauer (13 days ago)
You are right Sal about not concentrating on just the thought of love. If we trust, let go, and a person/feelings or love returns there is obviously a connection which cannot be denied and sometimes unexplained. In some instances communication is the most important key in the relationship. Some things are not understood due to fear of communicating them and/or was not the right time. That is why it is important for us to face our fears. We are all learning and growing each day. Nothing ever stays the same but that is ok! Thank you, for your readings, Sal. Have a great day 💫✌
Kim LaLonde (13 days ago)
Thank you I enjoy your sexy Hott
Brooklyn J. (13 days ago)
Sal you are too fancy with your drink. And your reactions have me 💀 😭😭😭.
Scimone Khan (13 days ago)
Hi sal
Wen Wen (13 days ago)
Sal, my job is done, I am leaving it for the Universe, I'm calling for the Universe intervention. 🙏
Ashley Melnik (13 days ago)
Sal that wall color 😍😍😍
Irene Kae Banua (13 days ago)
OMG ..This is me! I've blocked him for quite some time now! ..
Junelyn Taca (13 days ago)
Thank u so much
M Love (13 days ago)
To ever truly have anything, you must first let it go 💗 so true, so wise 🙏
Maricar Bedonia (13 days ago)
Thank you for your reading i appreciate the way that you do straight to the point your right you advice feel so good now i decided not to communicate for good thanks For your wonderful resonate God blessed
Cymantha Chandler (13 days ago)
R u apart of Illuminati
Mary Vlad (13 days ago)
I'm saying good ridding to my Aries I'm after my emperor
WizKid (13 days ago)
This reading was really on point, thanks.
WizKid (13 days ago)
True bro, letting it go and let it flow. Tables will turn over time.
Emelda Villafranca (13 days ago)
😂😂😂 how??? I cannot move😭 I dont even have a job😭 no money😭 heart broken💔.
I QRIS (13 days ago)
“Let it go” Me: 🤯🤯🤯 I CANT. It’s all I have
K G (13 days ago)
How can I get a box please new subscriber x
afrah Sameer (13 days ago)
Yes sal...I decided not to take any more moves,I just stay at my place .
Martha ESPINOZA (13 days ago)
I love your personality its so cute and fun to watch you😊😊😊
Dean. Scott (13 days ago)
Your right sal on point " do or die do right or leave cause I'm tierd now to much drama one issue after other I'm sucka free not to be played with .
Valentine Music (13 days ago)
incredibly true <3 thank you, I love your readings they make me smile. love from Australia
Katheleen Waters (13 days ago)
Virgis Osby (13 days ago)
OMG...you crackin me up...😁😁🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋😄😝
Hiba Azzouz (13 days ago)
I love u
yuzu mei (13 days ago)
sal.. you are reading my energy.. the situation with an aries.. we are really having a conversation about it.. she doesnt know what to do.. its mirroring energies.. 😔
Myra Adao (13 days ago)
nicole (13 days ago)
Cross watcher: #capricorn I blocked my Gemini after him coming in and out for 7 years. Asking to get back together than leaving me... over and over again. Finally I am tired of it and blocked him and told him never to contact me again. Very accurate reading but opposite. Ha
Roii Hongara (13 days ago)
You nailed it!!!! Gosh! Sal!!!!
Roii Hongara (13 days ago)
I am relocating! Just finding it hard to let him go! 💔
🕉💋🕉💋****L♡VEs☆LIGHT***💋🕉💋🕉                💋0010110🕉0010110💋 🕉💋🕉💋****L♡VEs☆LIGHT***💋🕉💋🕉                💋0010110🕉0010110💋
Sheena Boyd (13 days ago)
Thanks sal!!!!!! Pisces male tried doing a video chat with me this morning, he 👻 me, felt abandoned. But I bounced back and I'm just living life not entertaining him... Have many options but taking my time.
Tosha B (13 days ago)
I already left. I Am a Aquarius he can do what he want to do and Go.
Tonja Broadway (13 days ago)
Capricorn / Moon rising Gemini
Bernardette Silveira (13 days ago)
Thanks so much 👍👍👍👍😘💖🙏
lisa groves (13 days ago)
I friend zone them and they always want my sexy!
lisa groves (13 days ago)
You make me smile darlin. I’m juggling new dates but Im cutting it out soon because I have a new man who appears to be very special. I don’t want that player from my past. He only offers me cold hearted friends zone bs. He had a diamond. I have never been a friend zone girl because I oooz sexy!
Christine (13 days ago)
Not a truer word. Holding on for nearly 3 years, and trying to move away from him
Eliana Chavez (13 days ago)
😂😂😂 just a clown that I don’t want at all. Noooo it’s my answer😄😄😄
vivian lynch (13 days ago)
all they do is talk talk talk and no action, lol I did block them 😂😂
777 21 (13 days ago)
Thank you Sal I needed to hear this. May god bless you with great abundance and true love. Thank you Sal 😎♥️
Evolution Fairy (13 days ago)
I've been watching Sal for years and I like his clothes/styles/images..lol miss his accent lol
Evolution Fairy (13 days ago)
Unfortunately when Mr juggler comes back, he is going on a date with the ice queen who smiles at him like he's an idiot and now I'm just to busy nowadays to chat or date..friend. I cut the cord and won't reconnect. I will teach him spiritual stuff he wants to learn but that's it.
C L C (13 days ago)
Try a decade. Yes, this gemini was loyal to someone who had no loyality but loved to keep me stuck.. NO MORE! 😘 I told him a few days ago.. No more contact. It's time to let this one go. Then, I blocked him. I don't want to be stuck unable to love like that again, I've healed, that flatlined and no longer even makes my heart twinge.. respect and gratitude for the memories.. It was beautiful.. until it wasn't. 😊 No more waiting it's been 10 years. A decade. 🙄🙄🙄 A decade.
Denise Chaoub (13 days ago)
Omg Sal I’m on the floor !!! I can’t your so right on it’s unreal !!! He comes in and out fir years ! He was suppose to fly out here last year then blocked me ! Omg you just read our story ! It’s insane connection !!!were both Gemini’s! 🤣🤣🤣🤣Just ❤️you Sal
Esso Gamily (13 days ago)
I wanna free my self yeah😔
Nikoleta Kubova (13 days ago)
Working for circus 😂😂😂
J b (13 days ago)
Moving soon and yes in the process of letting go!
Sushmita Sutradhar (13 days ago)
Yes, perfect read for me. He called me day before yesterday, I can't anymore.
queennina1 (13 days ago)
No dice
queennina1 (13 days ago)
Maybe if you talked abt it first. Obvi lol
Lydia Morrell (13 days ago)
Sag guys be like that 🤣🤣🤣😑 love you tho sal😝🤗
Lydia Morrell (13 days ago)
I blocked a fuck boy sag 😂 and ex sag we're not talking coz tired of his bs
Sakura noname (13 days ago)
Gemini can't live without fire sign .yeah he talk but no action.
Brandi Thorpe (13 days ago)
Yes agreed !!! They are so firey but do nothing just alot of passion with no action. My friend is a leo.....
Lydia Morrell (13 days ago)
Gemini moon all talk no action yep !
Stephanie G (13 days ago)
Stephanie G (13 days ago)
Lorie Gardner (13 days ago)
He is confused. Yes thats what he says. We aren't speaking. It was going nowhere.hes a player sal your right in and out 2 n half years
Rebecca m (13 days ago)
only 3,000 :)
queennina1 (13 days ago)
And still no talkie!! Guess he needs to watch some more vids.....that the answer Sal!!
Martha Yankuba (13 days ago)
Sal boo! Thanks dear
Mama Jama (13 days ago)
I like that bamboo 😁 and the color you picked for your wall😍 your home is very aesthetic
Romay Kigam (13 days ago)
I love your ... Smile👍
Mousse Parfait (13 days ago)
cece h (13 days ago)
Sal u r soooooo funny. It took Gemini 3 thousand videos. Lmao😁🙂😆
Maria Paul (13 days ago)
i want one
Maggie Harrison (13 days ago)
It did take 3,000 videos to watch but i am relieved lol!
Juan Arellano (13 days ago)
I have a job Saturday juggling lol
SNAKES (13 days ago)
Nothing is happening sal 😭😭😭😭 I am single with no action 🤣😭😭
Renn Starr (13 days ago)
Josh Wilson (13 days ago)
Same here, still waiting...
Bri Bond (13 days ago)
Anne U (13 days ago)
Gemini female just got back together with ex Aries. He moved in.
queennina1 (13 days ago)
Wow. Impressive! Talk must have gone well
Nicki Star (13 days ago)
I 😍 U Sal 😂😂😂😂 After 3000 Video's 😁😁
kmwilkerson04 (13 days ago)
Hahaha I was singing along with you as soon as you said "let it go". Lol
Sophie Lucy (13 days ago)
“What are you cirque du Soleil” 🤣🤣 so true!
art angel (13 days ago)
It did take 3000 videos ...lol and I still don't think I'm done
Nada Klen (13 days ago)
As I can understand, your daily readings are, very often, for some other Gemini. For example, your reading for 8-9th may be for some Gemini, but this reading 10-11 is for completely different gemini ..
frederick gilbert (13 days ago)
Juggler Gemini in and out Gemini fuck a lying ass Gemini see ya have fun on your new life
Sonja Brewer (14 days ago)
gemini1111 gemini1111 (14 days ago)
Dead on Sal Let them Go and am going be moving house yay!
Neelusupriya Ggk (14 days ago)
Tabitha Peña (14 days ago)
HAHAHA AN “UNIDENTIFIED FLYING RELATIONSHIP” INDEED 😂 You’re the most on point and hilarious reader everrr! 😭🤣
Amelia Wilson (14 days ago)
Thank You
Aanchal Adhikari (14 days ago)
❤ from Nepal
diana rodriguez (14 days ago)
You are amazing, thank you ❤️
Anita Kartika (14 days ago)
Gemini girl Aquarius man Twinflame 💞 💕 💗
Michelle Cella Schleis (12 days ago)
Also gemini gal with Aquarius man TF, with both of us having moon in Leo
Ebony Courts (14 days ago)
Kimberly Suarez (14 days ago)
❤❤❤❤Thank youuuuuuu
Xetungxa Rai (14 days ago)
Hello sal
Mary Alanis (14 days ago)
Great reading Sal ❤️ Much love

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