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Gemini Weekly Astrology Horoscope 13th May 2019

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Text Comments (23)
Hello Michele. Lookin' lovele! Yes, it sounds about right. Bit up and down and changing... ; )
g mat (8 days ago)
cool but should say which cards they are.
melli fluous (8 days ago)
Darling Michelle, I do not have fears or need to dig for any pain because I do not have pain inside of me but only beautiful feelings. Family?.....that are a blood relatives that should be honest and loving? Nope, I do not have those! My power is within myself.....Secrets....ha! I already know the secrets and also all the evilness within the people around. Lovers...beautiful card! Yes, I know what is going on around me, and it is not good but true evil. Lover card sound terrific, hopefully it is love from the opposite sex ..., I am a female if you understand what I mean. *The getaway to beauty is understanding and accepting that people are not robots, that you can program.* Thanks Michelle, you have a great reading energy.
Rebecca Leif (9 days ago)
Thank you Michele!
Karen D (9 days ago)
Mars in my sign, my God, I have been intense, very assertive. Too much for most people lol
Myles Guy (9 days ago)
lol wtf. i just found your channel! you're energy is strong! i did it! subscribed!!
Paula Batt-Rawden (10 days ago)
love the energy you bring to your horoscopes Michele... and no idea why anyone would be anti-tarot because it brings an extra dimension to it all which I personally love so please keep it in!!! Appreciate so much that you take the time to do these. I've been following you for donkeys years and you truly are the best IMHO
Janet Osadczuk (10 days ago)
Love your guidance!! 💘💞💘
D-A B (10 days ago)
Thank you Michelle! You rock! who cares whether some people want the tarot or not. Their loss of added insight.
zahrah ! (10 days ago)
♥️♥️♥️thank youuu
JoannesChannel (10 days ago)
soo relatable. im literal feeling soo emotional. its my birthday may 21st 💖
Latoya47 (5 days ago)
Mines is on the 21st too.
Elazar (10 days ago)
Does it make sense that as a Pisces/Aries person i truly relate to this as well?
Elazar (10 days ago)
Im an Aries with strong and deep alignment with the universe, Seriously. Pisces is my Hebrew month.... And this video seems like a message is to me and the girl i want to interact with. (I've seen this girl around near where i go for a while now) Like literally everything here makes sense.i wont be surprised if i find out shes a Gemini ✌️❤️
Alicja (10 days ago)
yay! thank yuh 💐
Julie Brown (11 days ago)
Thank you very much 💗
Jane Sayers (11 days ago)
Thanks Michele yer alot going on much appreciated blessings to you
P D (11 days ago)
You are GREAT 💖
Mandeep Singh (11 days ago)
Thanks for upload I love tarot
Zaida Karim (11 days ago)
Thank u fabulous reading I never usual cry when u do the horoscopes reading but u did an usually a strong Gemini but my emotions are hit my heart sring not good for me I like having a stone heart that how I deal with life. Thank u 🙏🙏
Tanisha Munshi (11 days ago)
Gemini ❤
BehindRewind_mp3 (11 days ago)
Im FIRST! thanks Michele :)

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