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Daily Horoscope: May 8th to May 9th

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Daily Horoscopes for the May 8th to May 9th brought to you by Debra Silverman of Astrology Answers. To purchase Debra Silverman's latest book, simply use this link – https://astrologyanswers.com/links/debra-youtube-element Visit Astrology Answers for more free horoscopes including love, career and tarot https://astrologyanswers.com/links/iuyds
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Text Comments (12)
Santanu Dey (11 days ago)
Sun in Cancer is Quite stable rather than the other two watery signs, as when it passes from the end of Cancer and enters into Leo, it indicates the presence of life in the earth.....
Tara M (14 days ago)
Taurus they forget alot wtf?
caio braga (14 days ago)
I was born on Mother’s Day on May 8th 1988 at 4:57am. So I think you’re on point with a lot there.
Terrence Angel-Hyland (15 days ago)
You Are Amazzzing Sweet One “ 💥🔮🦘
Briggette Mihm (15 days ago)
My moms bday! She passed in 1980 when i was 16 but she is always with me!🌈⭐🌜
Roxanne M (15 days ago)
Sun in a water sign? I think you meant the moon Debra. 😆💜💜💜All good. 👍
Alejo Campano (15 days ago)
my mom is a taurus sun + cancer moon and she is the best mom in the world period!
andrei constantinescu (15 days ago)
you don't know how many truths you have already said and those run deep in the human psyche. fine work, well don Debra!
Melanie Ashmore (15 days ago)
Love the elephant story - never knew that!
Michelle Wilson (16 days ago)
Yep my grandmas a ♉♋💖💫🌟
Black Forest (16 days ago)
Sun in water sign at 0:27 I feel bad for the elephant 🕊

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