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This is the proper version, with all new games and sound effect

While the game was created spisificly for blind or V I players, there is a visual mode that shows the text on the screen, atempting to make the game accessable to sighted people. The game is quite freaquantly updated and never really gets borring! Other games: Bloodshed, release the pain! This is a small intresting game whare you fight enemies, get intresting items, and use random weapons! This is in one executable and uses sapi, so its completely portable. Sammy center. Sammy senter is the new version of game suite. Iminent death. This is a little side scroller thats pretty fun. You can make and kill your own enemies, with there own characteristics such as speed and jump time. There are quite a few weapons, and other things. Braille plus emulater. This is a little thing me and my friend mason put together, and it is an atempt to simulate a braille plus or icon from APH. Piotr Machaczs PMs world. Piotr Machacz, Pitermachs PCS Breakout game rewrite for Windows,Audio Games Forum page. Is your hand and ear coordination up to demolishing wall after wall of objects? Breakout brings back the nostalgia of early video gaming days. You shoot a ball with increasing speed into layers of walls with real sounds. Breakout contains four game variations, bust through, clear the wall, squeeze play and stretch to breaking where you can break glass, smash cups, pop balloons and try to beat your highest score. When you start a level, you will hear your score and number of walls announced. Then you will land on the game board, which is made out of as few as 7 or as many as 18 columns of hblocks 9 layers high. The cursor will scan this board from left to right, then when it hits the edge you will hear a spring sound and the cursor will reverse direction. As it moves, you will hear every block it passes. At any point, you can press space, enter or the up arrow to shoot at the column of blocks the cursor is on. You can make up to 3 shots before you run out of ammo, at which point you have to wait for the cursor to hit an edge. If the sound of a column is higher, it means that one or more layers there have been destroyed - the higher the sound the more destruction there is. Your main goal in all modes except clear the wall, is to destroy all 9 blocks in any column to move on to the next wall. There is 15 of them in total but you can end the game at any time by pressing escape, or pause it by pressing P. The 4 game modes, are explained below. Bust through. Your goal is to destroy any column to move on to the next level. The board is 7 blocks wide. Clear the wall. Your goal here, unlike in all the other modes, is to completely clear the wall - IE destroy every column of blocks. Just like in bust through, the board is 7 blocks wide. Squeeze play. In this mode, you start with a wall 15 blocks wide, and your goal is to clear out a single column to move to the next wall. The twist here is that every time the cursor hits the edge of the board, it will shrink by 1 and you will lose a point. This shrinking will continue until you either manage to move to the next level, or when theres nothing left, at which point you will get squished and the game will end. Stretch to breaking. This mode is an opposite to squeeze play. Your goal and scoring works just like above. You start with a board 7 blocks wide, and every time the cursor hits an edge, the board will grow and you will lose a point. The board can grow to be a maximum of 18 blocks wide. You will get a warning at each end if its about to happen. If it tries to get even bigger, it will break and the game will end. The name of the game and the modes are the same because I couldnt really think of anything better. Game play is pretty much unchanged. Compared to the original it has 15 walls vs 13 as well as background music, plus a few more audio queues to show how well youre scoring. I also changed the bust through mode a bit so you can get some bonus points if you can aim well so you can expect to get higher scores than in the original. There is a readme included if youve never played the original breakout before.